Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Work it out!

I decided to work out today... it felt great. I hadn't been in awhile and I actually didn't die and got 2 miles in and a mile on the bike! Go Me! Me and Jon are trying to get back in shape, it's harder than it looks. No sodas means no caffeine, but I have to say I've survived almost 2 weeks and I'm holding up. First week was hard, I had a headache every day.But its really paid off, I've lost about 5 lbs and i think Jon has lost about the same.

Other things in life, we've so far have had a busy summer! Between work and summer fun there has been no time for rest. We have had something going on every weekend, I love it, but it is exhausting some times. This weekend is the 4th and can't wait to get out to the lake. Last weekend we traveled to Lufkin to see my best friend for her baby shower. The weekend before that was fathers day and we spent it camping (what Jon wanted to do). The weekend before that we both had family reunions and I could go on forever. After the 4th we have a vacation with Jon's family, I still want to go float the river, I want to do a family vacation and take Kyson somewhere and the we may do something for my birthday and the list just goes on and on. Before I know it it will be Kyson 3rd bday and Christmas. Life need to slow down.

Speaking of Kyson 3rd bday, WOW 3, I can't believe that is coming up. Its still a few months away, but like i said it will be here before I know it. I'm sure we will have cars birthday party or sponge bob, Lord help me lol. If I have to see one more sponge bob episode I may strangle that little yellow things. Now cars I actually like that, doesn't drive me too crazy.

On the car note, Kyson loves cars and trucks. Him and his daddy (well more his daddy) have a project, a GO KART! Jon can't wait to finish building it (not sure when he will have time) and him and Kyson can go race. I'm sure at the end of the day it will be more Jon's go Kart than Kyson, I think he enjoys acting like a kid again :)

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